Hear what some kids are saying

"I am very grateful and thankful for the chance to go to camp.  It was my dream to experience what nature really is and to learn all the things I learned, like the animal evidence, the good and the harmful plants, and how important it is to recycle.  My favorite animal was the coyote.  I will never forget this amazing camp experience."  – 6th grade camper


"Camp was fun. I would want to go again. Thank you for helping me afford camp. It was an awesome journey to go to camp. I saw a lot of animals." - 6th grade camper


"At camp I met lots of new people from different schools.  Also, I tried something new, I stayed away from electronics for four days.  I learned about nature during the hikes which made science interesting.  My trip to 6th grade camp was special to me, because it was lots of activities and six grade camp is a only a one time experience." - 6th grade camper


"My trip to camp was fun.  It meant a lot to me because it was a change to get away from my family. LOL."  - 6th grade camper


"When I first found out about where I would spend spring break I wasn’t really thrilled, “Outdoor School?”  I thought. It didn’t sound very enticing, but when I arrived at camp, I was suddenly this independent girl who was excited to learn science?  Like who the heck AM I?!  All of a sudden I’m having the best time of my life, learning science, trying new things, and having a blast with my friends.  Thank you so much for this amazing experience!  I won’t forget it?    Sincerely, a VERY grateful student." - 6th grade camper


"My trip to camp meant a lot to me because some schools don’t get to go to sixth grade camp.  I learned how to make fire and how to make friends." - 6th grade camper


"At camp it was really fun.  I got to do a lot of different activities.  For example I got to do archery, geocaching, and do the “poison” river which had to do with teamwork.  But my favorite activity was probably archery.  I was pretty bad at it but it was really fun." - 6th grade camper


"Dear Camp Marston, Thank you for an awesome week.  I really enjoyed making new friends  I like how Camp Marston is so fun, spirited, loud, creative, and a place where you can be yourself.  Sincerely, SJ  (Love YMCA)" – YMCA camper


"Camp Whispering Oaks was my first sleepaway camping trip for Girl Scouts.  So I was a little scared by I was not homesick.  I felt very at home here."  – Girl Scout camper


"Camp Whispering Oaks was my first time at summer camp.  I had fun with my friend and making new friends.  I was able to practice and improve being independent and making new friends.  I made a lot of fun memories."  – Girl Scout camper


"I had so much fun at CWO!  I made so many new friends that I’ll never forget them.  The CITs really connect with us!  There is never a bad day at CWO!  Thank you CWO!" – Girl Scout camper


"It was awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome    😊" – Girl Scout camper