Boys & Girls Foundation Go To Camp Voucher Program

Are you a parent, guardian, teacher or other interested adult who cares for a child who is withdrawn or not making friends? Has your child stopped taking interest in team sports, spends less time with the rest of the family, flies out of control, or seems to constantly defy your authority? Have you noticed a drop in grades or a change in those with whom your child socializes?

For the past several years the Boys and Girls Foundation has been funding a voucher program for San Diego County children who would benefit from a positive experience at camp. Some of the children we have supported are those in the foster care system or come from broken families. But, we also funded children who just need to get away from an environment where they are dealing with peer pressure or challenges that will put them at risk.

If you would like to apply for a voucher, complete an application found on our website at for each individual child in your family requesting consideration for a voucher. We promise to keep the information you share about your finances and your child's situation confidential. If your child is selected, you will receive a voucher valued at $250 which is only valid at one of the participating camps be found on our website.

Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Meredith Watwood, Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Foundation at 619-683-2192 or

Questions regarding participating camps contact Community Campership Council, Inc. at 858-268-9888